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I’ve been using Web Components lately. I quite like them.

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My tech posts often come from kind of a negative place. I wish it wasn’t like that, but we all know how the mind works: writing with nuance and positivity is a lot harder than fired-up screeds of the “someone is wrong on the Internet” variety.

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I'm not holding it wrong, YOU'RE holding it wrong

It seems to be open season on Tailwind CSS! Go and read this post by Tero Piirainen. Nothing I haven’t heard before, it hits basically the same notes as the other stop-using-utility-css posts: it implies that people mostly use Tailwind because of successful PR, and it assumes that its proponents are React-pilled newbies who just haven’t been exposed to the beautiful fire stolen from the gods by Jeffrey Zeldman, Prometheus incarnate, in the early aughts. This one goes a step further and includes links for learning CSS! Because you are obviously a lost child in need of guidance! Let me condescend right back, because that’s what I do best.

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