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EC2 is really complicated

A significant chunk of the web runs on Amazon hardware now. I don’t get it.

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Not invented here, dude

I can never remember the syntax for find. And when I do remember it, it tends to be something stupid like find . -name package.json. Thing is, I used to have this exact problem with grep where I would tell it to grep -i -r 'foo' * and then my wrists would look at me sorrowfully like “what did we ever do to you, why are you giving us RSI” and I’d hate myself.

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Culture is searchable

I absent-mindedly leave my headphones at work about once a month. My immediate reaction is always “asdfghjkl no no please god no this will be the bus ride from hell” but it usually turns out to be a surprisingly thoughtful 30 minutes instead. Or a nice long nap. Today was a no-headphones day and, as further insult to injury, I ended up on the dreaded Teenage Express on my way home from work.

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Fuck your bug fixes and performance improvements

It’s time to stop what we’re doing for a second and talk about automatic updates! Unsurprisingly, I have Opinions.

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Smugness as a Service

Confession time: I’m partly powered by smugness. I’m not even sure that’s a bad thing. The thought struck me the other day as I was pouring coffee from my battered, decade-old Thermos:

I’m a pretty awesome person for not buying a new one, aren’t I?

I’m old enough to know what buying a new Thermos would entail. It’d throw me into that old familiar cycle of obsessive research, giddy purchase, and New Object Energy that quickly gives way to “the thing I pour coffee into."

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Twitter is actually pretty great, you guys

We all know a bunch of good stuff happens when you delete social media apps from your phone. What we didn’t know is that a bunch of bad stuff happens, too! I went there so you don’t have to.

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